Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Elves of the Last Alliance

It has been all about elves recently. I have been gradually going through the first miniatures I ever painted and repainting these guys. I remember when I got my first set in 2002. I saw the set at the store and remember going back and forth as to whether or not I should buy them as they seemed so small. I had a desk set up in the basement and I would paint there using a lot of Testors gloss enamel paints for aircraft. Back then I was just happy to have the right colored paint on the right spots. So below is a side-by-side of circa 2002 painting and 2013 painting.
I hope that its obvious that the mini on the left is the old one! To date I repainted three of the original 16 elves.
Next up, a fellow One-ringer was kind enough to sell me his elf conversions, 20 elves in all.
Most need a bit of sculpting before they will make it to the paint station, but one was in good enough condition to be painted after a bit of filing and sanding.

Next is to start my trials at sculpting. I am still waiting on my wedge and cone clay shapers to arrive in the mail. Between tutorials on the internets, and conversations and loads of advice from UKFreddyBear, hopefully I can pull off some decent work.