Thursday, December 24, 2015

Rohan Royal Guard Banner Conversion

Finally getting around to posting some of the things I have been painting for the last month or so. This one made its rounds on the GBHL page, but for completeness sake here it is on the website. A Rohan Royal Guard banner bearer conversion from Shadow and Flame. It was lots of fun to paint, especially the freehand on the banner, although some of those crevices were a challenge.

Damn internet giving me troubles. Here its is.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Sling some paint this holiday!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Isengard Uruk Hai Banner Conversion

Still trying to get caught up on stuff I have painted but not posted. Here is a more recent addition. Many moons ago, circa 2011, natarn on the One Ring did a really neat conversion of Ugluk holding the beheaded orc into a banner bearer. He removed the orc head from the hand and swapped it with Ugluks and then sculpted the banner. I thought it was an excellent idea. But, for any of you that follow my work you know I have zero skill with putty. Don't get me wrong, I can sculpt a mean ball of greenstuff, but that's about it. Bring in Dave over at, you guessed it, Shadow and Flame. He did the conversion for me and sent it across the pond for me to paint. Unbelievable sculpting. You would never know it was a conversion. Seamless as always.

More to come soon....hopefully... including Dave's first ever human scratch sculpt. Any guesses as to what it is?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hey Hey Hama

No idea how this didn't get posted earlier. I did this a few months ago. DMS said I needed to paint a hero, so here he is:

I have a mounted version converted by Dave over at Shadow and Flame that will join the foot version soon. I am currently working on a Rohan Royal Guard banner bearer using donations from Hama's body and the mounted RRGs head from the mounted Hama conversion along with a scratch sculpted banner by Dave. Hopefully he will be done soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Rohan Banner Bearer from Shadow and Flame

Short and sweet. I am headed to Florida. I painted this months ago. Just got round to posting it. Awesome conversion by Flame over at Shadow and Flame. Go there. Now. Stop reading and go there. Why are you still reading? They have ents, pony's for converting mounted dwarfs, and conversion sprues to convert grimhammers to iron hills dwarves.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mordor Orc Banner

I was going through withdrawal as it had been maybe five minutes since I last painted a banner. I found some images on the internets that I liked and decided to adapt one to a Mordor banner. Here he is.

One-Ring Painting Competition - May 2015

Been a while, I am a bit behind on my posts. I painted one of these Rohan Royal Guards up a while back and it was well received so I figured I would do another for the painting competition. I managed to get it finished just before a week long trip to Denver. I was lucky to pull off 4th place in the competition. I was happy with that given the amazing entries.

Here he is:

Monday, April 27, 2015

Numenorean Banner Conversion - April 2015 OR painting Competition entry

Its that time again, time for another painting competition entry. This new league has got me juiced to keep painting. Interested to see what comes up for next month. Lets hope it inst banners, but then again I do love painting them.  Here is my entry to the April 2015 painting competition. I hope it places in the top 5 but who knows. Very tough competition these days.

This is a numenorean banner bearer. I'll give you 0.3 guesses at who did it....that's right, Dave over at Shadow and Flame. At this point I usually begin to compliment all the fine detailed work that Dave puts into these models. However, my list of stuff I have for him to do continues to grow, and if I turn others on to him it may delay my stuff, so I am considering just telling you his work sucks and dont bother in the hopes he will work exclusively for me. Alas, it would be a lie, as you can see there is a serious amount of ass that has been kicked by Dave's work yet again. It is so fun to paint models that come from the collaboration between  Kev, Dave, and my collective imagination.

This piece is full on NMM, and I can tell you, as can Kev, what a bitch it is to get that helmet looking right. Lots of weird angles. How did I do?

I am not sure what I will paint next. I am still trying to keep up with clearing what is on the paint station. I didnt get to finish the other model i had in mind for the competition and he is going to take some work. Primer wont stick to the model, sword needs to be straightened ( I believe finecast is made from the remnants of the Chixulub meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, resurfaced after 65 million years to wipe out GW miniature enthusiasts). I also have the other two Rohan royal guards to do, that damned Rivendell knight, and something else I am sure.

After that I would like to start my warrior of Rohan repaints.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rohan Outrider

Finished this dude up yesterday. I am in the process of trying to paint all the odds and ends lying around on my painting table.  This outrider was one of them.

This is actually the second-ish time I painted this one, as this miniature was the foundation of a conversion that Dave Fredericks of Shadow and Flame did for me. You can find it HERE.

Whats next. Let's see, I have a mounted Khamul the Easterling, the foot version was entered in a painting challenge, two more Rohan Royal Guard, and that damned Rivendell knight.  I also have my command pieces I need to paint for the April painting challenege on OR.

After that its a repiant campaign. I have 23 warriors of Rohan I painted over ten years ago. At the time I hardly knew which side of the paint brush to use. I would like to get them up to the standard of what I have produced lately. My hope would be to repaint one a day. Yeah right. We will see. There are tree stands to build, fish to catch, and guns to shoot all summer.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Morannon Orc Captain 2

Second orc captain that was sitting on my desk. Wanted a burned-out wasteland look for the base? Did I pull it off?

This has been a nice week. Lots of stuff painted. Chats with great friends and listening to some excellent desert tunes.  If you want some good laid-back vibes to paint to check out Greece's Tuber - Desert Overcrowded album. 

Rohan Royal Guard 1

I have been busy as of late. I've gotten alot of painting done. Some new things I wanted to finish and then some stuff that's been sitting on the desk. Here is a Rohan Royal Guard. These guys have some fun detail. This is my second attempt at marble. Going for a broken polished stone look here.

Friday, March 27, 2015

One-Ring Painting Competition March 2015: Eastern Invaders

OK. So here we go with another competition entry. Lets hope this one has what it takes.  Khamul the Easterling on Foot. I never got around to painting the mounted version. Oh well. This one was tremendous fun as it was.

I do have some other projects in the works, so hopefully a more than once a month update will be coming out here soon. I need to paint more and faster.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

One-Ring Painting Competition February 2015: Mordor

Nothing like taking it right down to the wire! three entries for this one:

First up, one of the original metal Mordor orcs. These were some of the hardest models for me to track down when I fist started collecting. I was finally able to find a GW store in Buffalo, NY that sold them individually. Here he is in all of his splendor:

 Next up is a Morannon Orc Captain. I murdered a WoMT for this one. I cut off the head and carved out the helmet to place on the base. I also cut the shield arm off the other and carved the arm off of the back of the shield and added it to the base.

Last up. The Rare Mordor Uruk Hai. Was glad to be able to get a hold of this one. I painted the stairs in a gneiss pattern. After which I covered them half up with sand which was gut wrenching. But it worked.

Hope you like them.

Khandish Chieftain and Uruk Hai

So much to get posted. I am going to be busy. I just finished three miniatures for a One-Ring painting competition. That post will follow shortly. They have gone to a league system where the top five get points so I would greatly appreciate a vote! Next I was lucky enough to have three models selected for the Cool Mini Or Not 2014 annual, which is a yearly publication of models submitted for that year having a score at or above 8.0. I am really excited about that, but I need to rephotograph the minis. No big deal, just work. And then finally, the boys over at Shadow and Flame invited me to submit pictures of my paint jobs on work they have done for me. So a bunch need to go to them as well.

But anyway, all that aside, here are two that I managed to finish somewhat recently.

First up is the Khandish Chieftan. My wife was positively stoked to see something outside the normal dreary palettes. I was inspired to paint this after watching Season 1 of Marco Polo. I spent a bit of time doing freehand work on the banner

Next up was an uruk hai soldier with a scavenged Rohan shield. I liked the idea, and I am trying to better at minor sculpting. I cut the Uruk Hai shield off, and shaved the plastic down around the elbow, and smoothed out the plastic on the back of the to represnt the armor. I then greenstuffed a raised section on the backend of the armor. I painted it up, and then carved and scored up the shield for some battle damage and attached it. Overall I like teh way it turned out. Maybe not as effective a shield as his original, but who knows, maybe he lost it to a troll in a gamble over a game of twister. Uruk's got to do what an Uruk's got to do.

Hope you like them. More to follow.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Mordor Troll

Its been way to long since I did an update. I finished this guy quite some time ago and just never got around to posting pictures. Big thanks to Duncan at Legions Games in Pittsburgh for the bits I used on the base. I was very happy with the way this guy turned out. Absolute blast to paint him.

I watched the first season of Marco Polo. That inspired me to paint a Khandish Chieftain. He is almost finished. Pictures to come soon.