Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goblins from The Hobbit

Ok. There are probably going to be alot of posts in the beginning since I have alot of projects newly completed and in progress. One I have been having fun with over the last couple weeks are the Goblin miniatures from "The Hobbit". I ordered the Ultimate Bundle that came out with the initial December release of miniatures. This included a box of 18 goblins, two sprues for another 36 goblins in the "Escape From Goblin Town" and the painting guide for Goblins which included 5 goblins. A Goblin captain, and now, Two Great Goblins and the scribe. Needless to say that is alot. I followed the paintiong guide rather closely for the first few. After that I wanted things a little different. I wanted more depth to the loin cloths, and edge to the swords. I also went with red eyes.  I use a combination of Citadel paints, and other acrylic paints that I get at local hobby or craft stores.

Painting as follows:

Black basecoat spray. I have been using Krylon spray paint and it sucks. I would not recomend it to anyone. Citadel or Testor's works great.

I then painted all flesh areas with the Rakarth Flesh, follwed by the Carroburg Crimson wash in all the crevices, cloth contacts, eyes, mouth, and cuts. This was followed with a drybrush of Pallid Wych Flesh (PWF). Next is to add the Seraphim Sepia. Deep crevices in the skin, and the warts got this to varying degrees. I would also put dabs at random areas of the skin to add to the overall "grossness".

The first goblin clothes were painted with Steel Legion Drab (SLD), and highlighted with a 50/50 mix of the SLD and PWF. Later, I wanted more depth to the loin clothes so I painted them with a base of a 2:1 mix of Burnt Umber and Black. This was followed by a heavy drybrush of Burnt Umber and finally a light drybrush 2:1 mix Vanilla and Burnt Umber. On a side note, you can get vary degrees of darkness of the cloth depending on the base coat. I did one where I painted the entire model in Rakarth and that cloth is a bit lighter than those on the black basecoat.

The steel is given a heavy drybrush of Leadbelcher, followed by a light drybrush or fine line painting of Silver.

The hair was painted with Stormvermin Fur, with a PWF highlight. I have since started more of a 2:1 mix Dolphin Grey and Black mix with a Dolphin Grey highlight.

The eyes on my newer goblins were painted with Red. I was finally able to fine just straight-up red.

I am starting to get more into conversions (rather simple ones right now). I intend to paint one of all 18 different poses. After that I may start some simple swaps to vary them up a bit. I will post more pictures as I finish them.


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