Friday, June 28, 2013

Armored Glorfindel

Last but not least, my armored Glorfindel model. I am sending one of these off to UKFreddyBear for a conversion, and thought that I should paint up the original version. It just so happens that this months painting competition on the One-Ring is the Elven Havens. So I thought I would enter it and see what happens. It is a beautiful model, and was a lot of fun to paint. Its subtle, because I had to mud up the cloak, but there is also some freehand gold on the bottom of the outside of the cloak. I tried something new with the metallic on this one. I actually mixed in some plain colors with the metallic to get highlights into the chainmail and the gold. I think it helped make the gold look more shiny! I opted for a 40mm base so I could do a little more with it. The rock was just screaming to have a mini standing on it, but its way to big for a 28mm base (the molds are designed to go with O gauge train sets)

Radagast and his Bunny Sled

Wow, what a blast this one was. 13 pieces in total for the miniature itself. Then I added my own hydrocal rock, and three trees from woodland scenic. These trees are excellent, however they are incredibly shiny. I took to putting some heavy drybrush's on them to bring out the detail in the bark and also to cover up the shine. This is the most intense basing I have ever done. A hydrocal rock, followed by a layer of basing sand. Vegetation includes Scenic Express flowers (three different colors), medium green underbrush, light green clump foliage, long grass, and green turf. I wanted to recreate the sled in Mirkwood forest, rather than out on the plains in the orc chase. I am pretty happy with the result.



I am running behind in my updates, so here will follow a few posts with my latest work.

First off, I finished the Argonath statues. I haven't put a base together yet, but they are safely displayed underneath an upside down fish tank. In case you get a set for yourself, a 20 gallon fish tank works perfect for them, but make sure you get the tank that is 16.5" tall, not the wide version that is only 12" tall.  The 16.5" tank leaves enough room to but them on a base that can be 1/2" to 1" tall.  Anyways, until I get to building the base, here are the statues. The Lurtz mini is in there for scale.


Tremendous fun to paint. The younger king of the two statues arrived pretty badly broken, but I was able to mix up some hydrocal and fix the cracks after gluing it back together. I don't think it is noticeable now.

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Last Barrow Wight

Finished the last Barrow Wight. Now its on to Radagast's Sled.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Last Few Miniatures I Need

Well I just made my last Games Workshop purchase of miniatures. I now have everything from the LOTR/Hobbit line with the exception of a few ultra-rares and 7 alternate poses I still need to track down. If you have any of these and are willing to part with them, please let me know.

EDIT: I was able to make some Ebay purchases. Whittling the list down!
EDIT: Picked up the Dunedain!
EDIT: I got all the Outrides now! Just missing one Son of Eorl!

Dunedain of the North:

Sons of Eorl:

Rohan Outriders:

Riders of Rohan

I finished my other coifed Rider of Rohan. That completes my first set of UKFreddybear conversions. I can't thank Dave enough for the spectacular work he did on these. You can find multi angle shots of them under my Majestic Bear Miniatures page. Can't wait to get the next set of conversions mailed out!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Argonath Statue 1

Well, I do think it looks better in person than the pictures, but I just finished painting the first Argonath statue. I intend to finish the other and build a little diorama out of it. So stay tuned for that.