Saturday, February 28, 2015

One-Ring Painting Competition February 2015: Mordor

Nothing like taking it right down to the wire! three entries for this one:

First up, one of the original metal Mordor orcs. These were some of the hardest models for me to track down when I fist started collecting. I was finally able to find a GW store in Buffalo, NY that sold them individually. Here he is in all of his splendor:

 Next up is a Morannon Orc Captain. I murdered a WoMT for this one. I cut off the head and carved out the helmet to place on the base. I also cut the shield arm off the other and carved the arm off of the back of the shield and added it to the base.

Last up. The Rare Mordor Uruk Hai. Was glad to be able to get a hold of this one. I painted the stairs in a gneiss pattern. After which I covered them half up with sand which was gut wrenching. But it worked.

Hope you like them.

Khandish Chieftain and Uruk Hai

So much to get posted. I am going to be busy. I just finished three miniatures for a One-Ring painting competition. That post will follow shortly. They have gone to a league system where the top five get points so I would greatly appreciate a vote! Next I was lucky enough to have three models selected for the Cool Mini Or Not 2014 annual, which is a yearly publication of models submitted for that year having a score at or above 8.0. I am really excited about that, but I need to rephotograph the minis. No big deal, just work. And then finally, the boys over at Shadow and Flame invited me to submit pictures of my paint jobs on work they have done for me. So a bunch need to go to them as well.

But anyway, all that aside, here are two that I managed to finish somewhat recently.

First up is the Khandish Chieftan. My wife was positively stoked to see something outside the normal dreary palettes. I was inspired to paint this after watching Season 1 of Marco Polo. I spent a bit of time doing freehand work on the banner

Next up was an uruk hai soldier with a scavenged Rohan shield. I liked the idea, and I am trying to better at minor sculpting. I cut the Uruk Hai shield off, and shaved the plastic down around the elbow, and smoothed out the plastic on the back of the to represnt the armor. I then greenstuffed a raised section on the backend of the armor. I painted it up, and then carved and scored up the shield for some battle damage and attached it. Overall I like teh way it turned out. Maybe not as effective a shield as his original, but who knows, maybe he lost it to a troll in a gamble over a game of twister. Uruk's got to do what an Uruk's got to do.

Hope you like them. More to follow.