The Unexpected Journey

So here it is, The Unexpected Journey. A while ago, I was talking with Kev of Shadow and Flame. We got to talking about his painting schedule and how he doesn't get much time to paint for himself, and that I tend to get latched on to a certain theme and don't paint as much variety as I would like. What to do? I put forth the idea of picking a random miniature every month from the Games Workshop Middle Earth line, giving us an entire month to paint one miniature that we wouldn't normally think to do on our own, with the exception that if Smaug came up first, then it was a horrible idea and to hell with this. So the aim of this page is just to keep up on all the miniatures I have painted as part of The Unexpected Journey. I hope you enjoy following our adventure.

July 2016 - Goblin Town Goblin #1

August 2016 - Guard of the Galadhrim Court #3

October 2016 - Eowyn - Death of Gothmog Pose

November 2016 - Buhrdur, Troll Chieftain

December 2016 - Dain on Foot


January 2017 - Malbeth the Seer

February 2017 - Grima Wormtongue

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