Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Numenorean 2 and Smaug

Wow, long time since I made a post. I finished this guy quite some time ago and I just now got round to uploading the pictures. Another Black Numenorean. I am really liking this dark red with black hood color scheme i have going on here.

I like how the lava is turning out but I have been looking into some other ways of doing it. I have about 15 more of these guys, 8 of the metal riders, and the 5 more of the plastic so maybe I can experiment on lava bases.

Its Halloween time so I have been working on my second haunted house. Been pretty fun. Also have a Shadow and Flame conversion that is 2/3 finished that I am incredibly excited about, and an orc and a rivendell knight that have been sitting there pissed that they haven't seen a drop of paint while they sit on finished steeds. Oh well, such is the way of it.

Oh, and I got this. I am positively stoked to be in possession of such a huge and detailed mini ( if it can be called a mini). Note the cavalry model for scale. Smaug the Magnificent indeed.