Thursday, May 29, 2014

Veterans of Osgiliath

Seems to be a fitting group of miniatures this close to Memorial Day. I had alot of fun painting these guys, especially freehanding in dents in the armor. Love these models. The bases are resin "Ancient Ruins" from the company Basicks. They are great. Very nice for these models.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Warrior of Rohan

Been a while since my last post. Here is my warrior of Rohan. I completed this for the April painting challenge over at the One-Ring. I was fortunate enough to tie for first place along with a very nice Bolg sculpt.

A few slight modifications to this one. I switched out the short recurve bow in favor of a warrior of Minas Tirith long bow. An idea I got from Bizzarwarstar.You can check out his Rohan conversions HERE. Great stuff. I also cut a shield in half, filed down the cloak and greenstuffed in the seam and a belt. A few little freehand designs and it was finished.

Needless to say I love painting Rohan!