Monday, February 15, 2016

I've put this off for far too long.....Rivendell Knight

This miniature has been one of the strangest journeys for me. I started it largely to test myself at painting a grey horse. Then, for what ever reason I totally and completely lost interest in finishing the knight. It has sat on the paint station, been in the background of other photos, and generally been used as comedic insult to me for well over a year. Then last week I got inspired to paint it. I am now so enthused about it that I cant wait to paint another. In the end I think it was the cloak. I think the sculpts themselves are wonderful. And the dynamic sense they give is great. However the huge surface area was a real challenge for me and that is what hung me up on finishing it. I had it a brown color not unlike the box art and it never appealed to me. And I never really had a nice theme to tie it all together. I was inspired to do some freehand work and it was either dig out some knights of Dol Amroth or paint this guy right in front of me. After that it just snowballed. I settled on a scheme and repainted parts I had already done, updated the armor and edged it all in three shades of gold and painted the banner to match which went through a few color changes itself. Wet blending and I became good friends on this one. Anyway, it was an absolute joy to paint and I am really happy with it. I plan to submit it to Warhammer Visions so they can reject it! Here it is.....finally:

As always, thanks for looking!

UPDATE: I added this guy to my CMON gallery. If you have a second to spare and could cast a vote clcik HERE. I would greatly appreciate it!

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