Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bard, Uruks, and Rohan

Haven't had much time for taking pictures so here are the last few things I have been working on

Bard the Bowman

Uruk-Hai Captain

Rohan Warrior
I put this up on CMON. I would greatly appreciate a vote and you can cast one by clicking HERE. 


  1. Wow you are very good! These minis are absolutely splendid! I love how incredibly neat all the freehand work is!! The colours are perfect and the bases are very nice too! How did you paint the uruk's skin?

    Keep on painting,

    Marc aka .:Gunslinger:. (I was on one-ring)

    1. Hey Marc! Thanks for the compliments. The Uruk skin is based with a mix of Burnt Sienna (BS) and black (B), followed by a wash AP dark tone. The first highlight is the original BS + B mix, followed by BS then a mix of BS and Bleached Bone (BB) followed by a final highlight of BS with more BB. The amount of B, heaviness of the wash, and amount of BB can be varied to produce different skin tones.

      Thanks again for the comment man. I appreciate it!

  2. Very nice work, love the free hand horse on the Rohan warrior, that's a touch of class...

    1. Hey Scott, thanks so much. I love painting those horses!