Saturday, February 28, 2015

One-Ring Painting Competition February 2015: Mordor

Nothing like taking it right down to the wire! three entries for this one:

First up, one of the original metal Mordor orcs. These were some of the hardest models for me to track down when I fist started collecting. I was finally able to find a GW store in Buffalo, NY that sold them individually. Here he is in all of his splendor:

 Next up is a Morannon Orc Captain. I murdered a WoMT for this one. I cut off the head and carved out the helmet to place on the base. I also cut the shield arm off the other and carved the arm off of the back of the shield and added it to the base.

Last up. The Rare Mordor Uruk Hai. Was glad to be able to get a hold of this one. I painted the stairs in a gneiss pattern. After which I covered them half up with sand which was gut wrenching. But it worked.

Hope you like them.