Thursday, November 12, 2015

Isengard Uruk Hai Banner Conversion

Still trying to get caught up on stuff I have painted but not posted. Here is a more recent addition. Many moons ago, circa 2011, natarn on the One Ring did a really neat conversion of Ugluk holding the beheaded orc into a banner bearer. He removed the orc head from the hand and swapped it with Ugluks and then sculpted the banner. I thought it was an excellent idea. But, for any of you that follow my work you know I have zero skill with putty. Don't get me wrong, I can sculpt a mean ball of greenstuff, but that's about it. Bring in Dave over at, you guessed it, Shadow and Flame. He did the conversion for me and sent it across the pond for me to paint. Unbelievable sculpting. You would never know it was a conversion. Seamless as always.

More to come soon....hopefully... including Dave's first ever human scratch sculpt. Any guesses as to what it is?