Friday, March 29, 2013

Rare Uruk-Hai Pose Diorama

So I was lucky enough to obtain a few of the rare poses not to long ago. I wanted to do these guys justice, rather than just put them on a normal base. For the Uruk Hai with two-handed axe I decided to go with a diorama of him leading the charge of a group of five uruks.

The base and ruins were purchased from Thomarillion. I am really digging thier products, and you can find thier wares here:

The rocks were cast using Woodland Scenics rock molds and thier Hydrocal product. Very light weight stuff, so for those of you games that have to carry boards around, you might want to consider it. My only concern is how they will hold up to drybrushing. I will probably have to go pretty easy on them. I will let you know

So here are the WIP shots.

I finished the diorama today. I think it came out pretty good.


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  1. Looks great Randy. I like the style of trees you used. Very realistic.