Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ringwraiths on fire

So I was inspired by the Weathertop scene, where Aragorn fights the Ringwraiths with the torch, to paint some Nazgul on fire. As inspired as I was, I can't sculpt worth a shit. Enter Mr. Dave Fredericks over at Majestic Bear Miniatures ( Indeed, Dave makes some of the finest sculpts and conversions I have ever seen. I commisioned him to take these two Ringwraiths and sculpt flames on them, and put the torch in the face of one on the right.

This is what I recieved and I was stoked to start painting them:

Here is the finished product:
I put some multi angle views on the Cirith Ungol page, and Majestic Bear Miniatures page. I hope the paint job did them justice because the conversions were fantastic.

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