Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mordor Uruk-Hai Banner Bearer

Hello all,

A few days ago I finished my Mordor Uruk-Hai Banner Bear that Mr. UkFreddyBear did for me. This was a fantastic conversion that he did from a Shagrat model (the pose holding the Mithril shirt). Just unbelievable work, and it was a blast to paint. Many thanks Dave! You can find muli-angle shots under the Cirth Ungol page, and the Majestic Bear Miniatures page.  I also entered this into the April painting competiton over on one-ring. So hopefully it will fetch a vote or too.

Side note, I have been using Woodland Scenics rock molds and Hydrocal to make the rocks on the bases of some of my more recent models. Can't recommend it enough. Really easy to work with. Two points of advice to make sure your rocks come out in one piece: 1) dont forget to spray your mold with soapy water before pouring in the hydrocal, and 2) be patient and give it a few hours to cure before you try and pop them out. The nice thing is that if they do break, it isnt an even break and they still look good. But if you want them whole and are impatient like me, I would suggest making the rocks before you need them so you are not rushing to get them out!

Working on some more conversions that Dave did for me and an ent of his so stay tuned for some more pictures.

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