Friday, December 12, 2014

Black Numenorean, Mirkwood Elf, and a Travelling Dwarf

It was a busy week for brush work. I had three models I was excited to paint all at the same time. Finishing touches were applied to the dwarf this morning.

First up is the last of the three Black Numenorean poses. I love these things. I stuck with the black and red robes and also went with another lava base to tie all three of them together. maybe they deserve there own group photo. I think I'll wait until I get the mounted poses finished as well.

Up next is a Mirkwood bowman from the last Hobbit release. I resorted to the internets to find concept are to paint this guy. i wasn't overly moved by the GW paint job. I think it came out alright. He cant wait to shoot some orcs in the face!

And at last the Shadow and Flame Travelling Dwarf. This was a test sculpt I was given to try my hand at. The pony being attached to a base of sorts makes the underside tricky to get to. I would suggest removing the metal base from the pony when you receive all 14 of yours. That's right, the upper half is separate in case you had, oh I dont know, say 13 other dwarves you wanted riding a pony. I chose to paint the body separate then attach it. Next time I would probably paint it fully assembled. The gap is practically non existent between the two halves. However, if you wanted to green stuff  the join before painting, the entire torso is readily accessible with a paint brush when attached. You wont have any issues. This is a very neat miniature. With all the bags, and the amount of cloth, you can do alot to vary the look of your dwarves just using alternate color schemes there in addition to changing horse colors, and beard colors. And I am sure if you ask, a weapon swap or two would be an easy thing to accomplish. 

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