Friday, March 27, 2015

One-Ring Painting Competition March 2015: Eastern Invaders

OK. So here we go with another competition entry. Lets hope this one has what it takes.  Khamul the Easterling on Foot. I never got around to painting the mounted version. Oh well. This one was tremendous fun as it was.

I do have some other projects in the works, so hopefully a more than once a month update will be coming out here soon. I need to paint more and faster.


  1. Obviously it has what it takes Randy...
    Your Khamul puts my Gorbag and Shagrat on a corner, hidding of shame ahah

    Regards (Aulë, the Valar)

    1. Thanks! But I saw those minis and you did a great job on them! The freehand on shagrat is a real nice touch!

  2. Bloody hell. Think I'll skip this month.

    Awesome work Randy. Your painting has come on incredibly fast over the last year. Khamul is outstanding bro!