Monday, April 27, 2015

Numenorean Banner Conversion - April 2015 OR painting Competition entry

Its that time again, time for another painting competition entry. This new league has got me juiced to keep painting. Interested to see what comes up for next month. Lets hope it inst banners, but then again I do love painting them.  Here is my entry to the April 2015 painting competition. I hope it places in the top 5 but who knows. Very tough competition these days.

This is a numenorean banner bearer. I'll give you 0.3 guesses at who did it....that's right, Dave over at Shadow and Flame. At this point I usually begin to compliment all the fine detailed work that Dave puts into these models. However, my list of stuff I have for him to do continues to grow, and if I turn others on to him it may delay my stuff, so I am considering just telling you his work sucks and dont bother in the hopes he will work exclusively for me. Alas, it would be a lie, as you can see there is a serious amount of ass that has been kicked by Dave's work yet again. It is so fun to paint models that come from the collaboration between  Kev, Dave, and my collective imagination.

This piece is full on NMM, and I can tell you, as can Kev, what a bitch it is to get that helmet looking right. Lots of weird angles. How did I do?

I am not sure what I will paint next. I am still trying to keep up with clearing what is on the paint station. I didnt get to finish the other model i had in mind for the competition and he is going to take some work. Primer wont stick to the model, sword needs to be straightened ( I believe finecast is made from the remnants of the Chixulub meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, resurfaced after 65 million years to wipe out GW miniature enthusiasts). I also have the other two Rohan royal guards to do, that damned Rivendell knight, and something else I am sure.

After that I would like to start my warrior of Rohan repaints.


  1. Ha. Pretty funny that commentary. Nice PJ mate.

  2. Hilarious dude lmao

    Paint that darned rivendell knight he's been there forever lol

    Outstanding PJ brother!!!!