Friday, August 12, 2016

Thorin's Company - Balin EFGT

After Kev relentlessly hassling me for never painting heros I started painting Thorin's Company from the Escape From Goblin Town (EFGT) boxed set. They have been pretty fun to work through. I have finished three so far and am about halfway through a fourth, but they all get their own posts, so for starters here is Balin. I have two EFGT boxed sets so I have an entire extra set of Goblin town scenery. Therefore, I have been hacking it to pieces to make bases for the company which has been fun.  So here he is, Balin. I really liked painting the finer detail like the quilting effects on the clothes.

I think I will make a Thorin's Company page as well and add all the pictures to it so they are all in one place.

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