Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Citadel Guard NMM

So we are having some gas-burning fireplaces installed. My wife told me Tuesday and Wednesday, so I took those days off from work. Turns out they will be here Wednesday and Thursday. Gives me the day to paint. Which is fine considering it is only 14 degrees out.

So here we go. A Citadel Guard completely NMM. I feel like he came out better than the last NMM WOMT I did (see below). The freehand on the back was tons of fun. It looks crooked, but if you look at the cloak the cloak is actually at an angle.

So I finally got the Rivendell Knight primed,and I am about halfway through the warg rider. May actually finish him and get him posted too. Wouldn't that be something!


  1. Nicely done I would never have thought of adding that to the back of the cloak!

  2. Thanks Scott! I thought it was fitting for him, and with that much room and so few folds the mini is just begging for it!