Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rohan Conversion inspired by John Howe

My posts have been too few and far between but oh well. I got so many hobbies all fighting for what little spare time I have. Luckily they are all here to stay. My three favorite past times are hunting and fishing, music, and painting miniatures and I have been busy at all three. Here is a look at my latest project.

My buddy Slam Duncan down at Legions Games  was kind enough to loan me a book of John Howe artwork. In it was this beautiful piece of work that just screamed Rohan too me.

After seeing this it was just a matter of a quick chat with Dave over at Shadow and Flame to see what he could do. As you are all aware Dave is a magician with the putty. He cut up a Rohan outrider and in my opinion just nailed it. Even threw in a gripping beast shield to account for the size of the larger shield. Here is the end result and I can only say that I hope the brush work did it justice.

As always he was great fun to paint and the conversion was of the highest standard. Freehand horse on the cloak and shield and some freehand on the bracers as well. The one behind the shield was tons of fun and then I remembered it would be covered by the shield. Oh well.  I actually commissioned three of these because (1) I am crazy, (2) I wanted to paint a shield that tied it in nicely with Rohan, and (3) me and a certain marsh spectre buried under a pile of commissions are going to paint one at the same time and attempt John Howe's design on the shield.

He is leaning a bit on the base, but I am too lazy to take new pics after fixing it. Oh and speaking of the base I went with more brownish red rocks on this one as opposed to the grey I normally do. I think it plays but who knows.

Lets see what else? I have a warg on a finished base that has been waiting on a rider for months. I have started him and...well yeah I started him. I have a finished Rivendell Knight horse that I think predates the warg. Finally got around to greenstuffing gaps on the knight but he doesn't have a lick of paint on him. Finally, I am working on another model that is all NMM and with a good amount of freehand. Its been fun and has been taking most of my time.

Lets see, I have the rest of the week, then this weekend is opening day of rifle season and my ass will be firmly planted in the woods. Then its back home Sunday evening to catch King Buffalo and watch them burn the venue to the ground. Always a great show. I have a couple days off next week while we have some fireplaces installed so hopefully I can get some serious paining done then. 


  1. Fantastic idea and great execution! A very cool mini!

  2. Definitely done the model justice brother. Outstanding work yet again.