Saturday, January 30, 2016

A couple Miniatures from Shadow and Flame

Wooohoooo. Internets are back up and running after a few days of being down. Yes, that's right, those two days without internet is the reason I haven't been able to post pictures of miniatures I painted last year. hahaha. True story, at least the parts before "Internets" and after "year". But my internets was down and now its back up again and so here are a few miniatures from Shadow and Flame. First up is Mindless Theoden. This is actually the first human scratch sculpt that Dave ever did. The progression of his skill is inarguable, but still this was a nice miniature to sling paint at. So I am a collector and for those of you like me who are in to the history, this is not Dave's first scratch sculpt. I wonder if any of you who actually read this blog know what Dave's first scratch sculpt was. I have it, but I have yet to paint it. Feel free to guess in the comments below (excluding Dave and Kev). If I get ten correct guesses, I'll drop my current painting projects and start on it!

On to the next one, this is another early sculpt from Dave, Mr. Albert Dreary as he appeared in "The Fellowship of the Ring". There is not a whole lot to go on from movie stills and artwork so the artistic license Dave took in sculpting him, I also took in painting him. Still its an awesome miniature to have in the collection.

I am still slowly working my way through Iron Hills Dwarves, Helmingas, and a Saruman conversion. The conversion is incredible I just don't feel like I am doing the model justice. It has been a struggle from the very beginning for me. Its going to need alot of touch up work. the dwarves and helmingas are a joy to paint, if not a little difficult to reach in some spots. I just don't do well with repetition, so I have slowed a bit.  I have an idea for some freehand work on a Dol Amroth banner so I may dig that out, or, since that in itself is a chore, buy one off the trade thread, hahaha. 

Well, that's it for this post. I have one more post to follow up this one today, then we will see where I end up at weeks end.

HGave fun slinging that paint.

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