Saturday, January 16, 2016

Azog On Ice... its not a Disney skating play, but agreed, it sounds like one. No this my friends is another Shadow and Flame conversion and I think its my favorite Azog pose yet. Granted it is, out of all the official GW releases and Shadow and Flame conversions the first one I have painted, but it does remain the first on that as soon as I laid eyes, I thought, I need to paint this now.  So therefore here his is. It was actually painted some time ago but issues with the internets have kept me from making posts as often as I would like. But fear not (I am sure you were all waiting with baited breath, hahaha) I have been slinging paint, and lots of it.

Also, many thanks/blame to DMS I picked up the Star Wars Imperial Assault line. I painted a Nexu up. Even though this is a Middle Earth Blog I'll probably add a Star Wars page because, well is my blog and I can do what I want. hahaha. Pretty nice models. Not GW quality but pretty damn good.

Other than that I have been working on the Shadow and Flame Iron Hills conversions and you can see pictures of them assembled by Dave and painted by Kev here. I have been panting them alongside my Helmingas conversions Dave did which you can find pictures of on their Facebooks page. I'll have group shots of those once they are finished.

I got loads more pictures to upload so I'll get right on that at some point, when I feel like it, maybe. In the mean time, thanks for looking and enjoy slinging the paint!

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