Sunday, February 10, 2013

Where To Begin?

Bilbo and I have a similar question. Where to begin?

I have been a fan of the Hobbit,  Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, and all other things Middle Earth, since I first read The Hobbit in 9th grade. I am an avid collector, and very much a completist. I have had and have collections ranging from Star Wars MicroMachines to coins, National Geograpahics, I even have a very large taxidermy collection since I am an avid sportsman. I have always strived to get everything in the line. Through my collecting of Star Wars I found myself rather unimpressed with the factory painting quality of the figures. Shortly after "The Fellowship of the Ring" came out I was in an elctronics store (of all places) that sold the GW starter set for the 'Fellowship of the Ring". Although I had never painted before, the idea of me painting my own miniatures really appealed to me (at least that way, if the paint job sucked it would be my own fault). Thus started a collecting journey that has lasted over 10 years. At this point I have everything relaesd to date for the Hobbit, and I probably have over 80% of the LoTR line. I have painted over 450 miniatures and built a few pieces of scenery along the way.

The following posts are an attempt to share my hobby with like minded folks and hopefully give and recieve inspiration. I follow the painting and conversions forum on "The Last Allaiance" and have thus been inspired, so maybe you will to, or maybe you will look at this a feel way better about your own skill. At any rate comment freely on the posts, just keep it nice.


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