Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fangorn Forest

Update: I just finished my first Ent from Majestic Bear Miniatures. You can check out Dave's work at www.majesticbear.net. This miniature (Birch Tree Ent)was an absolute pleasure to paint and assemble. Just a few pieces that I had to drill and pin to hold together. I put it in the case next to Treebeard and it fits right in with the GW model. The detail on this miniature is amazing, and I am already looking forward to getting the other two to add to the collection. Many thanks to Dave for creating an excellent model.


I finished Treebear on my lunch break today (benefit of being able to work from home!). I bought this immediatly when it came out, and tried to assemble it with just glue. Very bad idea. The glue just can't support the weight of the metal arms.

Luckily, as mentioned in a previous post, I got a hold of a hand drill recently. I used a pair of wire cutters to cut pins out of finishing nails. These were strong enough to support the weight of the arms and hold really nice.

After that it was a little bit of greenstuff around the edges. I painted the main model first, and painted the branches and leaves while they were still on the sprue. Its easier for me to do it that way and attach the peices later. That way I can get in a paint what would be the otherwise hard to reach places.

I still have to paint Merry and Pippen. I will post more pictures when they are finished.