Thursday, February 14, 2013

Conversion Attempt

OK. So this was my first attempt at a conversion. I believe it to be a rather simple one. I used one of the elves from the "Warriors of the Last Alliance" boxed set, one with a sword. I Cut off the arms and positioned them so he was holding the sword horizontally at chest level. I ended up having to cut the arms at the shoulder and then the elf's right hand at the wrist to reposition it slightly. I used the hand drill to drill holes for pins and greenstuffed the joints. Not a very good job of greenstuffing, but I am the definition of a novice. I think it is pretty well hidden though. I didn't realize how little greenstuff it would take, and how far you can make a little greenstuff go, so I used the excess to create some floor masonry.

The first picture is clearly the original pose, the second is my conversion.

My initial plan was to go with the typical paint scheme from the movie (blue and gold, with blue and grey cloak). However, I was cruzing around DMS's website, and I was very much inspired by the scheme he used for his Beleriand elves. If you haven't been to the Dead Marshes yet, you really need to check out his work. Probably the most outstanding stuff I have ever seen. Here is the path through the Emyn Muil:
And the elevs can be found here:

With that in mind, I also wanted to do a battle scene. With my novice capabilities at converting, I chose a Mordor Orc that would require little work. In fact, all I did was cut the weapon, and reposition the arm. Then I cut out a gash in his midsection that I could fit the elf blade in to. I used the hand drill to drill a hole into the base and into his foot. I cut a paper clip to use as a wire to support the weight of the orc so that it is not all on the blade and subsuquently the wrist joint of the elf.

The look I was hoping for is one where the orc attacks and the elf makes a side long sweeping cut that slices through the shaft of the orcs spear and lodges in his midsection with enough force to topple him over backwards. I think I captured that but you can be the judge.

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