Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where the Shadows Lie

Black Gaurd or Cirith Ungol:
The drummer came out alright, although I really do not like this finecast stuff. I need to see if I can't patch those holes in the drum skin.

I really like the way the captain came out. 

Update. Finished with the banner bearer.

Update: I wanted to try another one of the Black Gaurd of Barad-dur, with a little bit more technical paint work. "I was so excited that these were finecast and not metal", said nobody, ever. Needless to say these are a bit more diffuclt to work with. Anyway, here is the final product, with some freehand work on the back of the cloak.


Ok. This is another paint job I did that was inspired by the painting of DMS, you can find his work here: thedeadmarshes.com.

In the past, I never liked the banners that didn't have raised sections to paint because I wasn't any good a freehand. But I am slowly (very slowly) progressing at the skill. Here is my latest orc banner bearer:

As always, let me know what you think!

I wanted to take a crack at some more freehand work, so I painted this orc up.



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  1. You've done well there Randy - It looks awesome mate!!!