Friday, June 28, 2013

Radagast and his Bunny Sled

Wow, what a blast this one was. 13 pieces in total for the miniature itself. Then I added my own hydrocal rock, and three trees from woodland scenic. These trees are excellent, however they are incredibly shiny. I took to putting some heavy drybrush's on them to bring out the detail in the bark and also to cover up the shine. This is the most intense basing I have ever done. A hydrocal rock, followed by a layer of basing sand. Vegetation includes Scenic Express flowers (three different colors), medium green underbrush, light green clump foliage, long grass, and green turf. I wanted to recreate the sled in Mirkwood forest, rather than out on the plains in the orc chase. I am pretty happy with the result.


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