Monday, June 10, 2013

Argonath Statue 1

Well, I do think it looks better in person than the pictures, but I just finished painting the first Argonath statue. I intend to finish the other and build a little diorama out of it. So stay tuned for that.




  1. It looks excellent Randy. Couple of suggestions which may help you out bud. When painting large areas of stonework it helps to try to break up the grey a little to add contrast. One way is to water down some Dark Angels green to about a 15 parts water to 1 small part paint and wash areas of the model like crevices and under overhangs or anywhere you think moisture might get trapped. If you have gryphonne sepia wash water some down to about 5 water to 1 paint and wash random patches onto the stone. Just adds a little something extra to stone. Theres an example on the Helm hammerhand statue in the dead marshes. Can't wait to see the diorama buddy -keep up the good work.

    Oh and by the way I posted a little parcel to you on saturday so give me a shout when it arrives.

  2. I need to get me a pair of those statues. They're the mutts nuts