Friday, June 28, 2013

Armored Glorfindel

Last but not least, my armored Glorfindel model. I am sending one of these off to UKFreddyBear for a conversion, and thought that I should paint up the original version. It just so happens that this months painting competition on the One-Ring is the Elven Havens. So I thought I would enter it and see what happens. It is a beautiful model, and was a lot of fun to paint. Its subtle, because I had to mud up the cloak, but there is also some freehand gold on the bottom of the outside of the cloak. I tried something new with the metallic on this one. I actually mixed in some plain colors with the metallic to get highlights into the chainmail and the gold. I think it helped make the gold look more shiny! I opted for a 40mm base so I could do a little more with it. The rock was just screaming to have a mini standing on it, but its way to big for a 28mm base (the molds are designed to go with O gauge train sets)

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