Friday, June 28, 2013


I am running behind in my updates, so here will follow a few posts with my latest work.

First off, I finished the Argonath statues. I haven't put a base together yet, but they are safely displayed underneath an upside down fish tank. In case you get a set for yourself, a 20 gallon fish tank works perfect for them, but make sure you get the tank that is 16.5" tall, not the wide version that is only 12" tall.  The 16.5" tank leaves enough room to but them on a base that can be 1/2" to 1" tall.  Anyways, until I get to building the base, here are the statues. The Lurtz mini is in there for scale.


Tremendous fun to paint. The younger king of the two statues arrived pretty badly broken, but I was able to mix up some hydrocal and fix the cracks after gluing it back together. I don't think it is noticeable now.

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